Our Focus

Justice for all

We believe everyone should have real opportunities to reach their full potential. Chambers Initiative identifies barriers in both social justice and women’s economic security, and invests in the policies and systemic improvements that remove those barriers.

Why Social Justice?

Social justice is a broad category; it generally refers to equity of access to opportunity among all people regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual identity, socioeconomic status, or other categorizations. At Chambers Initiative, a social justice frame centers our funding around systemic changes that can aid historically marginalized or underrepresented groups. Throughout her life, Merle’s philanthropy has been shaped by her faith and her aspiration to help all people achieve their full potential.

Why Women’s Economic Security?

Many factors impact women’s ability to ensure economic security for themselves and often their families, from fair pay to caregiving to access to reproductive health care. As more women become primary wage-earners for their families and our social safety net fails to adjust to new workforce realities, policy changes in these areas have become even more important to Chambers Initiative. For Merle, as a former CEO, these issues are personal as well as economic and political. Our investments reflect her desire to give all women the opportunities she herself had.

“We are all connected. I believe the sooner we embrace this, the sooner we can make the world better for all.”